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Group of Mountain Bikers

Mountain Bikes/E Bikes/Road Bikes
All welcome!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote a range of Bike Group options where members can pick and choose what is of interest to them.

The whole aim is to get fit and socialise!

Events will vary in timing and length and we will have something for all from a quick ride to a Coffee Shop for a chat to a longer ride out to experience the countryside and build fitness.

We welcome standard bikes and EBikes and all work in well together from our experience in operating Bike Groups.

A key feature will be that you will be able to join in a ride at any BikeKiwi Event (subject to acceptance) around New Zealand, which will be very beneficial when travelling to different areas.

Join as a Member, participate in a variety of different Events & Groups in YOUR Community and most importantly have FUN!

Our Bike Groups are named such as Bike n Beer, Bean Biking etc.

Once you have joined as a FREE member, then just join Groups of interest to you and browse Events which are available in your area. If you have an Event, then contact us and we will add it, plus we will be assigning Members as Contributors to the website who are active in their own local Community! 

Bike Tours are an addition to BikeKiwi and we will be planning specific Tours from 2021 with full itinerary and everything arranged, so all you have to do is just turn up and all the organisation is done for you.


The goal with these Bike Tours is off road (or quiet roads) and never on main roads for safety reasons. Variation is also key with a mixture of fun events mixed in with the biking component of the Tours and of course sampling the best of local hostilleries in the Tour region!! 

Welcome to BikeKiwi!

BikeKiwi is **NEW** although we are encompassing our existing Biking Groups.

So what is BikeKiwi?

There is a massive growth in biking with both a huge upsurge in standard Mountain Bikes & EBikes being purchased and used and a huge increase in Biking Groups around the country.

Our focus is on 'Getting Fit and Socialising.'
Our Groups will be mainly Mountain Bike/EBike combinations, although anyone is welcome to start a Road Bike Group too.

BikeKiwi is intended as a Hub for the plethora of Bike Groups and so Bike Groups can join together in rides, tap into potential new members and when travelling contact local Groups to join in for temporary rides in the specific region.

Our goal is to have multiple Bike Groups across NZ with a view to members being able to hook into Rides in different areas when they are travelling around the country.
The locals know the best riding spots, so it is better to join in on an existing Group rather than do your own Ride.

BikeKiwi is simple to join by clicking the 'Join Now' link above.

Since operating Bike Groups it has become apparent that some members prefer website interaction and others Chat Apps for updating. So for this reason our Groups have updates on both the website Group and on a specified WhatsApp Group (which most people use). This covers all preferences and works well.

The selection of promotional Products will be available at reasonable cost and will aid this sense of belonging to our new Brand and which we believe you will be proud to use. This of course is also a subtle way of us spreading the word about the BikeKiwi opportunity. Products will be varied from quality wristbands to T-Shirts etc.

With growing membership we will aim to bring discounts to members,

Latest News

Want to be a BikeKiwi Group Organiser for FREE and build up members in your residential area?
Contact us below to show your interest

“You are one ride away from a good mood.” — Sarah Bentley, British cyclist

Join Us

Have fun with one of our many Bike Groups!

  • Join a BikeKiwi Group which suits you
  • Get Fit while socialising
  • Bike Groups from Casual to Faster pace
  • From Bike n Beer, Bean Biking etc....we have Bike Groups for all tastes!
  • Travelling? Join in with a Bike Group in a different area
  • Go on a fun organised Bike Tour
Scenic Mountain Biking