**NEWLY NAMED** LocalFreNZ Bike Group (formerly MTB Bike Group) is moving to email updates and online.


To enable this to happen, we have integrated this with our own new Local Community website we have set up for Local Friends and Local Businesses. This is entirely our own website and not operated by any 3rd party.


This is to compliment our growing Facebook Rangiora Community & Business Group and the fact we are a Lead with Neighbourly.

SMS advice of Rides will now cease, although David will often send these messages as back-ups for those who do not like using a website.


The reasons for the change to this new medium are:


  • To make this simpler to control

  • All will now be able to see who will be attending rides online...as long as you are logged in!

  • All will be able to see if the Ride suits them for a specific week or not

  • We will be able to give advance notice to Cafes or Pubs, as required, on numbers

  • All can easily share a simple link https://localfrenz.com/bike with others for any friends or colleagues who wish to join up


Simple steps to sign on and how to sign up to the Bike Ride Events:

 STEP 1 


Click the below link to sign up as a Member of the Rangiora Sunday and/or Casual Bike Group:




Here will be updates on forthcoming rides and feel free to post any ride suggestions or join the Casual Group if you want to ride at different times.

Upload a photo of yourself on your Member page!


 Note: Signing up to the Mailing List alone is NOT sufficient. You need to join the Group/s as above 

 STEP 2 


Each week we will put up a new Event at the below link by generally Thursday of the week preceding the organised Sunday ride, so check there and RSVP if you are coming.




(otherwise you will show up as an anonymous member)

You will also have the option of saying you are not coming to the Event.

If your circumstances change and you need to change you just click RSVP on the Event again and then you will have an option to cancel your RSVP

 STEP 3 


We will send out an email to all addresses advising that the Event is ready for RSVP and will include the link each time in the email so you can easily RSVP.


Check your email on from Local FreNZ for the Event notification.

 IMPORTANT: Make sure you are LOGGED IN when you RSVP. Also to check who is coming on a ride, just make sure you are logged in to see the names